Bluecoin IoT provides software that consolidates and interconnects all building resources on a single platform. Also, a bouquet of solutions, built on the platform is available that helps enterprises with manging and effectively improve the way their team manages people, space, time, and energy.

Space Management

Space Management

Give your team, the tool to quickly search and select a desk or meeting room of their choice. All these, while optimizing space usage, workplace satisfaction, and user productivity.

Space Management

Energy Efficiency & Management

Consolidating resources and interconnecting them provides an efficient and easy way of managing and optimizing your energy consumption. All these, while you give easy access to your users to the resources and also save energy.

Space Management

People Management

One-stop solution to manage all peoples resources including, Attendance, Visitor Management, Ticketing System, Navigation,
and many more. All these, while adding delight to both employees and visitors.

Space Management

Time Management

Bring down effort on the non-billable and time-consuming task with our time management solution offering. These include an app that would help in the cafeteria and pantry ordering process.


Ease of Managing Resources

One Single Integrated platform for all resources helps building Owners / Managers to easily manage all resources.

Integration Capability

Resources which you thought cannot be integrated can now be integrated, opening up new venues for automation and energy savings.

Scalable Solution

The platform is highly scalable and can be used to integrate multiple buildings from same campus and multiple campuses from different continent / time-zones.

Future Proof

The platform is designed to accommodate any future in-house or third party solution, making it a future proof product.

Pick and Choose (Àla carte)

Client can pick and choose services / resources to be integrated as per their requirement.

Why Us?

Corporate Office Environment is flooded with multiple solutions from different vendors and every solution works independently with no easy way to integrate them.

Bluecoin IoT Enterprise Solution consolidates and interconnects all building resources on a single platform, easily accessible via web and mobile apps Our highly Scalable and Modular solution can be managed on the go via a single platform.

Meeting Rooms
Visitors Processed
Facility Tickets Processed


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