Desk Booking

Virtual onboarding of desk on the platform ensures smooth and hassle-free user-check in, a solution more useful for hot desking.

Meeting Room Booking

Virtual onboarding of Meeting room on the platform allows users to find available rooms and book them easily.

HVAC Control

Virtual onboarding of HVAC zone on the platform and its integration with the physical device over BACnet / third party products ensures automated operation and energy savings

Light Control

Virtual onboarding of Lighting zone on the platform and its integration with physical lighting device ensures automated operation and energy savings


Automate attendance recording using Bluecoin IoT solution. Employee and the HR team can view real-time attendance and work hours on the attendance solution page.

Visitors Management

Automate the visitor management process and create visitor invitation on the fly. Ensure easy and full-proof secure check-in experience for your guests and visitors.

Ticketing System

Quickly capture your employees feedback on services and ensure timely resolution using Bluecoin IoT Ticketing system.

Navigation System

Easily navigate within the premise using navigation kiosk and app.

Real Time Location

Locate an asset or geofence them with the premise using Real-time location system solution.


Order your morning cup of tea, to be delivered right at your desk, or order beverages for your team and clients in the meeting room. Everything is possible using Bluecoin IoT Pantry solution.


Order and pay for your food right even before you step into the cafeteria. With Cafeteria solution, user can select vendor, search, and pre-order food directly from the comfort of their desk.

Meeting Rooms
Visitors Processed
Facility Tickets Processed


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